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Elevate your keys with the finest covers for ultimate style and protection! Scroll down and check your style.


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"Thanks for the fast shipping, such a cute addition to my key. I didn’t expect it to be good quality, but turned out beautiful. Thanks, will definitely order one more for my husband’s car."


"The key cover arrived exactly as shown in the pic, the plastic cover is very good quality. I got many compliments so far. Thanks keyguardz, cheers."


"I saw the ad in Instagram and wasn’t sure if its worth it or not, but since the price affordable I ordered 2, arrived fast and high quality. Thanks."


"I ordered for my Mercedes! OMG its so damn luxury, I am addicted I will definitely order some more"


"Incredible support, first I didn’t find my key shape model, but upon contacting support, they offered me different styles for my exact key model, and the shipping was fast!. THANK YOU."


"The cover arrived fast and well packed, fits perfectly in my BMW key, just make sure you order the exact one for your keys"

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Crafting Comfort with Premium Car Key Covers

At Keyguardz, we’re more than just key covers – we’re your companions on the road. With a dedication to quality and style, our car key covers ensure that every trip is not just secure, but comfortably stylish. Discover the perfect blend of protection and aesthetics as we redefine your driving experience. Welcome to Keyguardz, where your keys meet comfort and security

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